Welcome to the Gallery! Here you'll find a whole whack (that's right, one whole whack!) of Don's full-colour celebrity caricatures. Some are done in traditional media, some are digital creations. All the originals are 11"x14". Click on a thumbnail to see the image larger. If you are interested in ordering prints of any of these caricatures,you can e-mail Don with the details of which one(s) you'd like, and how many, and he'll send them right along! Prints cost $20    each, plus shipping* (unless otherwise noted). Original artworks are also for sale. 


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All original artwork on this site Copyright Don Pinsent.

The Beatles 1
Amy Winehouse
David Bowie 1
Bob Marley
Andy Warhol
Lucille Ball
William Shakespeare
Albert Einstein
Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson
The Rolling Stones
Marilyn Monroe
Iggy Pop
Marlon Brando
Oscar Wilde
Neil Young
Salvador Dali
John Lennon
Jimi Hendrix
Indiana Jones
Jack Nicholson
Flight Of The Conchords
Bob Dylan
Vincent van Gogh
Edgar Allen Poe
David Bowie 2
Beatles John Lennon
Beatles Paul McCartney
Beatles George Harrison
Beatles Ringo Starr
Elvis Presley
Bette Midler
Eric Clapton
The Beatles 2
"Weird Al' Yankovic
Leonardo DaVinci
Mr. Bean
Conan O'Brien
Che Guevara
Ludwig von Beethoven
The Silver Beatles
Frank Zappa
The White Stripes
Pablo Picasso
Jon Stewart & Stephen Colbert
They Might Be Giants
Angelina Jolie
Audrey Hepburn
Uma Thurman
David Bowie 3
Penn & Teller
Darryl Dixon (The Walking Dead)
Breaking Bad
Harry Potter
Freddie Mercury
Nicolas Cage
Star Wars
Tyrion Lannister (Peter Dinklage)
Doctor Who (David Tennant, the 10th Doct
The Avengers
The Justice League
Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter)
The Joker (Heath Ledger)
The Punsiher (Jon Bernthal)
Indiana Jones 2
Michael Jackson
Back To The Future

*Shipping prices vary depending on location. If you'd like to find out shipping rate, e-mail me and I'll give you a price.