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Make Great Gifts!

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You too can have Don draw your caricature, or one of someone you know! And you don't even need to live in the same town as him. Don can work from photos to create caricatures of you and your friends and family, that make fun, unique gifts for any occasion!
Here's how it works:
You e-mail Don some photos of the subject (or subjects) you want to have drawn. 5 or more good, clear photos, from various angles, is preferable. Let Don know which of the styles listed on this page you'd like to have done, and whether you want a theme included . Once payment has been received (PayPal or e-transfer acceptable), Don will draw up a rough sketch and e-mail it to you.  If there are changes you'd like to see made to the likeness, this is your chance to let him know. Once the sketch has your approval, Don will  start work on the finished drawing. Upon completion, the caricature will be mailed, if you're having a traditional-media drawing done, or e-mailed, in the case of digital artwork.
Pricing on Don's commissioned caricatures varies a lot depending on which style you want, the number of people in the drawing, how detailed or complex a theme you want, etc. Therefore, it's very difficult to show you a specific price list here. If you would like to inquire, Don will be thrilled to hear from you. Feel free to

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