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Here  are  the books I have published on the self-publishing website Read descriptions below, and click te links to see sample pages, and to order your copies!

So, I wrote a humourous little book called Dear All Of Hollywood. It's a collection of 24 letters written to the producers, directors and writers who bring us the movies and tv shows we all love, pointing out little facts to which they appear to be oblivious, based on what we see onscreen.
Many of these letters are illustrated with caricatures of Hollywood stars, including a number of actors whose caricatures you can't see here on my website, as I've never drawn them before.
The book is available for sale (cheap!) at click the link below to check out a preview of it, and to order your own copy, or buy copies as gifts for anyone you think might like that kind of thing. I greatly appreciate the support. 

Look What I Did! is a book of 36 of full-colour celebrity caricatures, presented together in one volume in beautiful, vibrant colour, including five you won't find here on my website, as I've never published them anywhere except in this book! It also features my own thoughts and insights on the creation of many of these works of art, if that's the kind of thing you'd want to read. The book makes a great gift for yourself or anyone you know who's a fan of Caricatures by Don!


A closer look at each of the 141 individual caricatures that make up my (award-winning) collage piece Icons of Rock, accompanied by insights into the creation of the artwork. Also includes 10 caricature sketches of rock stars who, for various reasons, don't appear in the collage.

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